Children & Teen Therapy

All our therapists have extensive experience counseling children and teens. We understand that youth require a different style of communication to make them feel comfortable sharing their experiences and thoughts. We have specific techniques to help them develop valuable methods to cope with the issues they struggle with today as well as equip them to successfully manage future challenges.

Your Balanced therapist will work with parents and children to determine the best way to encourage individual development and family communication. We not only want to help the individual find a course to wellness, but also find positive ways for parents to support them in that journey. In addition, we have relationships with local schools to facilitate parent-approved communications that will further the child’s progress.

Children: Many children benefit from counseling when dealing with issues related to bullying, grief and loss, self image, learning and behavior disorders, adjustment or others. Balanced has a environment that makes children feel comfortable. We often use toys or games to engage children in play while we build trust and solicit conversation. When we develop techniques for children to practice we provide simple reminder sheets and incentive-based strategies to encourage follow-through.

Teens: Teens today deal with stresses that can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. We counsel teens needing help dealing with the a variety of stresses from school pressures to relationships to self image. We have techniques to support negative coping methods including depression, self-harming, suicidal ideation, violence or other acting out behaviors and eating disorders.

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